The Pembrokeshire Banner

The original idea of County Banners came from Gwenno Dafydd and the words on the Banner are taken from the lyrics of 'Cenwch y Clychau i Dewi' (Ring out the Bells for St David).  With lyrics by Gwenno Dafydd and music by Heulwen Thomas this song was adopted as the official song for the National St David's Day Parade in 2006.

The first of these County Banners, the Pembrokeshire Banner, was made to be carried in the National Saint David's Day Parade in Cardiff on the 1st of March 2009.  It was designed by Eirian Short and Audrey Walker and made by members of the Pembrokeshire Guild of Embroiderers and Fishguard Arts Society.  The banner was hung in the East Cloister in the Cathedral on the 13th of February 2010. 

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The Banner symbols and their meanings

The wooden ceiling in the Cathedral.


Swarm to the hive like bees.  This invites the Welsh people scattered over the world to return to the 'hive' which is Wales.


'Ring out the bells for David' - a line from the song lyrics by Gwenno Dafydd.  The banner has a border of bells to ring out when carried.

Bees are an important symbol in Celtic mythology; symbolising here the Welsh diaspora.  They are linked to many stories about St David. 

'He did the little things' - this recalls St David's last words which are represented here by growth of seedlings from the seeds of good works. 

The sea, a defining aspect of Pembrokeshire.

The chequerboard pattern is taken from the stonework of the Bishop's Palace.

All of the above symbols are shown against a background colour reflecting the distinctive stone from which the Cathedral is built. 

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