About the Cathedral Library

St David's Cathedral Library is the only Cathedral Library in situ in Wales. The present Collection dates back to the 16th Century and the Reformation. We have copies of some of the early Bibles in Welsh and early Bibles in English. These pages provide access to some of the contents and work of the Cathedral Library, without having to climb the medieval spiral stone stairs. This includes our Twitter account @StDavCathLib, our Blog, Videos, links to past Talks and Lectures, links to previous Exhibitions. Any and all enquiries should be sent to: library@stdavidscathedral.org.uk.

William Lyndwode's "Constituciones Provinciales Ecclesie Anglicane"
William Lyndwode's "Constituciones Provinciales Ecclesie Anglicane"

Apart from a few manuscript pages, all our Collection is of printed books. One of our oldest printed books is William Lyndwode's "Constituciones Provinciales Ecclesie Anglicane". This key work on Anglican Canon Law was written by former Bishop of St David's and our copy was published in Paris in about 1506. Some of the books are part of being a working Library of a busy place of worship. It is an eclectic collection with subjects including Christianity in Wales, the Reformation, St Davids, Church in Wales history, early scientific and mathematical works, early maps and atlases. There is also an extensive collection of classics previously belonging to Dean Allen, Dean of St Davids 1878-1897, including Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire extending over half a shelf. Some items reflect a current topical interest of their times, such as our folio copy of Dr Johnson's Dictionary.

There are substantial collections previously belonging to Bishops, Deans, Canons and many others. The provenance of some of the books is unknown. Books and other appropriate materials are constantly being added. Unfortunately we are not able to accept all the books that we are offered. Any offers of books should be made initially in writing, if possible, to library@stdavidscathedral.org.uk.

There are a range of early and more recent Bibles and Prayer Books in Welsh, English and other languages. Books are in several contemporary and past languages including Anglo-Saxon, Arabic, Breton, Danish, English, Erse (Irish), Esperanto, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Persian and Romany.

The Library also holds copies of St Davids Parish Registers of Christenings, Marriages and Burials since 1724. These can be viewed on request.

The Cathedral Library welcomes researchers, either as visitors to St David's or remotely by enquiry to library@stdavidscathedral.org.uk.

Introductory video tour

Join us for an introductory tour of the Library and the Collection by the Dean of St Davids, The Very Rev'd Dr Sarah Rowland Jones.