Face-coverings are no longer mandatory in the Cathedral, but you are welcome to wear them if that makes you feel comfortable.

Dogs are very welcome in the Cathedral grounds, but only assistance dogs are allowed in the building.

Support us

Friends of St Davids Cathedral

The Friends were formed in 1932 by the then Dean, Watkyn Morgan.

The Friends is an organisation which draws together individuals, corporate groups and parishes from across the world who wish to support the mission and ministry of St Davids Cathedral.

Aims Of The Friends

To assist the Dean and Chapter in restoring and maintaining the Cathedral Church to the greater glory of God and in honour of David Patron Saint of Wales.

To subscribe to the funds required from time to time for beautifying the cathedral and for maintaining and improving worship in the Church.

To organise the raising of capital funds as required for any emergency that may arise which cannot be provided for out of funds available to the Dean and Chapter.

Why be a member?

St Davids Cathedral receives no state funding and is therefore totally reliant on the generosity of visitors and pilgrims. The Friends exist in order to support the Cathedral through a witness of prayer and financial giving. It is only through the generosity of the Friends during the past 75 years that the Cathedral has been able to continually restore and enhance the building, and provide a living house of God.

Benefits of being a Friend

All Friends are invited to attend the annual festival, details of which are to be seen below.

The Friends Festival 2021 will be on Saturday 11 September, with Dr Lloyd de Beers of the British Museum as our guest speaker. He will talk about links between St Davids, St Thomas Becket, and Henry II – we have lent one of the Cathedral’s 12th century croziers to this summer’s major British Museum exhibition on Thomas Becket, and 29 September 2021 also sees the 850th anniversary of Henry II’s first visit here, in the months following Becket’s murder. The Cathedral’s St Thomas Becket chapel, though largely 14th century, may be on the site of the older building to which Henry came. More details of the weekend will be posted nearer the time.

The Annual Report is produced in July and details the work of the Friends and the life of the Cathedral during the past year.

Members also receive a 10% discount on purchases in the Cathedral Shops and Refectory.


Membership for individuals is £20 per year.

Corporate Groups or Parishes are invited to contribute £35 per year.

Life Membership for individuals is £300.

All members are encouraged to use Gift Aid.

To Become a Friend please email friends@stdavidscathedral.org.uk

American Friends of St Davids Cathedral

Our American Friends has set up a North American daughter group in the United States which has been incorporated as a not-for-profit organization in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

This is intended to give those paying tax in the U.S. the opportunity to make tax-deductible gifts to the American Friends. Members will receive newsletters and other information about the Cathedral and AFSDC activities throughout the year.

If you wish to become an American Friend of St. Davids Cathedral please contact the address below and they will be pleased to give you all the necessary details for joining.

The American Friends of St. Davids Cathedral now have their own website at American Friends Website

AFSDC c/o St David's Episcopal Church
5105 Macomb St. N.W.
Washington DC 

Email: afsdc.usa@gmail.com

Other ways to support

At the Cathedral, we are always planning or working on various projects. These range from purchasing new prayer books, replacement chairs or fresh vestments and altar frontals, to Library conservation and development work, building new vestry cupboards, commissioning an icon, and even major building initiatives. If you would like to contribute to a particular project, do contact friends@stdavidscathedral.org.uk or info@stdavidscathedral.org.uk for more information.


Cathedral life is enriched by a small army of volunteers, who help with everything from stewards who welcome visitors, to helping catalogue the Library collection, to supporting the Education Department in schools’ work, and more besides. If you’d like to be part of our wider team, please email info@stdavidscathedral.org.uk.