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Book: A New History of the Church in Wales. Governance and Ministry, Theology and Society

A New History of the Church in Wales. Governance and Ministry, Theology and Society by Norman Doe (ed)

The Cathedral Library has been working with Professor Norman Doe, Director of the Centre of Law and Religion, Cardiff University, and Cambridge University Press to facilitate discussion on a new book edited by Norman Doe: A New History of the Church in Wales. Governance and Ministry, Theology and Society.

Norman Doe delivered the Annual Lecture of the Friends of St Davids Cathedral on 12th September 2020. It is available on the Cathedral YouTube Channel.

See below for a list of contents.


Bishop Andrew John and Bishop June Osborne

Norman Doe

Part I - Historical Antecedents and Overview of the Century

  1. The Age of Saints to the Victorian Church
    Roger L. Brown
  2. The Road to Disestablishment
    Jeffrey Gainer
  3. A Century of Christianity in Wales
    D. Densil Morgan
  4. The Church in Wales across the Century
    William Price

Part II - Governance and Ministry

  1. The Constitition of the Church
    Norman Doe
  2. The Bishops and Archbishops
    Arthur Edwards
  3. The Clergy: Priests and Deacons
    Barry Morgan
  4. The Laity and Patterns of Ministry
    Rhiannon Johnson

Part III - Doctrine, Liturgy, Rites and Other Faith Communities

  1. The Doctrine of the Church
    Peter Sedgwick
  2. The Liturgy of the Church
    Gregory K. Cameron
  3. The Rites of Passage
    Charlotte Wright
  4. The Church and other Communities of Faith
    Ainsley Griffiths

Part IV - The Church and Society

  1. Welsh Anglicans and Cultural Debate
    Rowan Williams
  2. The Church and Education
    Rosalind Williams
  3. The Church and the Welsh Language
    Enid R. Morgan
  4. The Church, State and Society
    Joanna Penberthy

Part V - Conclusions

  1. The Image of the Church
    Mary Stallard
  2. The Church of the Future
    John Davies